experiment:- black dot


Problem statement:- does black dot effect the value of the paper

Aim:- to investigate the relationship between the black dot and the value of paper

Inference:- black dot influence the value of paper

Hypothesis:- the bigger the black dot, the lower the value of paper

Variable:- manipulated:- size of black dot

–  responding :- value of paper

– fixed:- size of paper

Apparatus and material :- black pen, A4 paper

Procedure:- *  mark very small, small, medium, large, very large black dot at                                      centre of five different A4 paper and make sure the size is quite                                  different so easy to see.

  • Estimate the value of the paper using scale very low, low, medium, high and very higher.


Size of black dot

Value of paper

Ranking of the value of paper

Very small

Very high











Very big

Very low


Conclusion:- the bigger the size of the black dot, the lower the value of the paper. Hypothesis accepted.

Discussion:-  *   people will said that the paper have the black dot. They never said the paper have many                                     white space.

  • People don’t want to buy the paper that have even small black dot.
  • Let the white space is our good behavior and the black dot is our simple mistake that we done, people will look at the bad and ignore the good thing that we have do.
  • So, we need to do the good thing as many as we can and never do the bad thing even it is small.
  • The important is SEE THE QUALITY

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