put some effort; you will become the excellent persons

bismillahhirrahmannirahim.  firstly and forever thanks to Allah for giving me a chance to write and to all of you to read what i have wrote in this blog. here i want to apologize all my blog’s reader because i did not update my blog for a long time not because i don have any idea. i get a lot of odea but my laziness is the main factor why i did not write something in this blog  and i admit that was my foul.

actually, starting 2013 i have my own mission which is i want to update my blog continuously but my time was limited. i could not  find  the suitable time to sit relax and write something until now.

alhamdulillah, this is my first article in English and nobody check my article before it publish so i hope if a part or many part in this article is wrong either spelling, word that i have used or the structure of the sentences, i hope the readers will correct it for me. just comment and i try to edit my article to be a good article, insyaallah.

why i write this in English?  it is because i want to be good in English. people nowadays did not to speak, read and write in English because they worried that they are wrong and they are not confident with themselves. actually that is not the big problem. think for a while, did you aware that your Malay also bad but you speak it everyday right.  we did not speak Malay as during the Malacca  empire a long time ago right. and now, a lot of Malay word have been manipulate and the sound is different. sometimes our grandparents cannot understand what we are talking about right.

English is not so difficult if you earnest want to learn it and take it serious. you just need to put some effort to study English and insyaallah you will become the excellent person. remember that Allah always on your site. and he love people that interested to the knowledge.

that all from me at this time. i hope Allah will give me the strength to write a lot here for our benefit. pray for our success.





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